Munich, in Color

I've always wanted to shoot color films, there are just too many frames that I couldn't possibly shoot simply because it wouldn't look good in black and white. The problem is: color films require different chemicals which aren't as easy to get as b/w, also, the development phase is prone to temperature fluctuations as well. That's why letting the lab do the job is like the only solution for many people who'd still want to shoot color films (which simply does not work for me). I don't really like photo lab cause it's expensive and I just don't simply trust anyone else to touch my negative frames (or positive, as in E-6). So that's why I decided to try DIY color film development by hand. Aside from maintaining constant 38°C temp, everything else isn't that difficult I guess. Seems like I'm gonna shoot color films much more often for the upcoming months. Film: Rollei Digibase CR200 Pro Developer Kit: Tetenal E-6 Gear: Leica CL + M-Rokkor 40mm

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